Smoktech Vape Pen 22 Coil(s) Box

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Smok Vape Pen 22 replacement coils

The SmokTech Vape Pen 22 Replacement Coils utilizes the new Vape Pen Coil System that features an elongated design, catering specifically for the Vape Pen Starter Kit. Designed for great performance, these plain and simple coils are available in 0.3ohm and 0.15ohm. To install these coil heads, simply screw the Vape Pen 22 atomizer head directly into the top of the Vape Pen 22 battery.


Compared with traditional coil, Vape Pen MESH coil has a wide heating area, which can evenly heat and absorb e-liquid effectively. ensuring you preferable flavor and huge vapor. What's more, the MESH coil has a longer life span.

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