Medicinal Foods Healing Herbal Mixes

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  • A Daily Tonic for Energy & Vitality - Helps boost your energy levels!
  • Boost your daily routine aided by the ancient wisdom of Chinese herbal medicine.
  • Herbs Traditionally used to Tonify the Organs & Blood so you can be at your best!
  • Ancient Zen Masters used Chi herbs to help achieve health in body, mind & spirit
  • Traditional Chinese herbs used for 1,000's of years to boost inner fire & life force
  • Alchemic; Wild-crafted herbs to boost energy levels, resist stress & replenish strength


  • A daily Herbal Tonic to nourish Feminine Energy
  • Includes herbs used enhance Female Hormonal Balance
  • Chinese herbs traditionally used to relieve menstrual cramps
  • Chinese herbs used to enhance skin, hair & beauty
  • Chinese herbs used for building blood, Upright Chi & increasing Female "Elixirs"
  • Herbs stone-ground into delicious, smooth powder for divine culinary creations


  • Blend of Calming Herbs for greater inner-Peace, Confidence, & Focused Energy.
  • Taoists & Zen masters revered these Shen herbs for use on their spiritual path
  • Expand meditation & yoga with a stronger connection of Heart, Mind & Spirit
  • “Shén” (Spirit) tonic to help increase self-awareness, vibrational alignment.
  • Helps improve circulation & support skin health with herbs like Longan & Jujube
  • Will not cause drowsiness nor fatigue; help the body to relax & rest better at night

Treat the divine winthin!

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